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How To Use Slimming Machines?


Slimming machines act as the most convenient device throughout the world. Spending months and years with no effective weight loss results, people are now moving towards science-based and proven technologies that will be convenient to use and yield greater health benefits.

Slimming machines sculpt and trim your body in a much easier and more efficient way, these machines are non-invasive and help in accomplishing your desired goals by trimming your body fat and toning your muscles. One can lead to a healthy lifestyle without getting into depression and physical ailments due to excessive dieting. To get the maximum benefits out of these machines, it’s extremely important to understand how to use them properly to achieve desired body contours.

Types of Slimming Machines

There are many slimming machines out there like cavitation machines, cryolipolysis, tummy trimmers, slimming belts, electrical muscle stimulation, radiofrequency, laser, and many more. But the most wise thing to reap the best result is to learn the basic principles of how to operate a slimming machine. How to use these ingenious machines, let’s take a look.

3 in 1 slimming machine

  • These machines feature three main functions that are ultrasonic, infrared, and EMS.
  • Ultrasonic breaks down the fat, infrared makes the skin firm and tone your body while EMS helps you to relieve pain and increase your blood circulation.
  • Before employing make sure to cleanse your skin to remove any excessive oils
  • After that gently apply the slimming gel onto the targeted areas of the body and let it set.
  • Now pick up the handle of the machine and move clockwise and anticlockwise at a very slow pace.

6 in 1 slimming machine

  • As the name implies, these machines contain six key functions, including; ultrasonic, positive ion leads, negative ion leads, red light therapy, blue light therapy, and EMS stimulation.
  • The ultrasonic imparts minimal vibrations up to 10,000 which perform the function of mechanical massage and a warm treatment that helps the regeneration process, improves capillaries circulation, and regulates your lymph fluid.
  • Positive Ion Leads help in the anti-aging process, tightening and beautifying your skin. It dilutes all the dark spots and promotes metabolism leading to fat burn.
  • Blue and red light promote collagen proliferation, prevent bacteria growth around acne, and make your skin plump and bright.
  • Ems use microcurrent massage making your muscles do various self exercises leading to toning your muscles. Its high frequency makes your body slim more quickly and effectively.
  • Firstly, clean your skin to remove any makeup, dirt or oil  
  • Now turn on the adapter and press the sonic button.
  • You have the freedom to adjust the intensity by clicking on the sonic button twice or thrice according to your need.
  • Apply slimming gel on the targeted device as well as on the probe of the device.
  • After that, gently move the device to the areas where you want fewer imperfections.

9 in 1 slimming machine

  • This machine is also identified as a fat blaster. It has various functions such as ultrasound, radiofrequency, vacuum therapy, microcurrent stimulations, and lead therapy.
  • Ultrasound helps in breaking down fats and contouring your body into a proper shape, radiofrequency helps in skin stimulation making it tight and firm.
  • Vacuum therapy helps in cellulite reduction, improving your collateral circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • Led therapy includes brightening your skin, making it plump, and preventing acne from breaking out.
  • Plug the machine and turn on the vibrator.
  • Cleanse your skin with patience to remove any kind of excess.
  • Try to position your body in a way that a fat burner, can get into contact to your targetted body area.
  • Deal with the treatment with patience and consistency and with this you will see maximum results.

Expert Tips To Use Slimming Machines

Although these machines offer dozens of benefits, one must know, how to use these machines for optimum outcomes. Here are some expert tips to follow;


Consulting with a health doctor is crucial for optimal outcomes. These health professionals will guide you on your health status, and by discussing your needs they will suggest one of the most suitable slimming machines that will boost your mechanism and help you reduce your weight up to a maximum extent.

Composing and equipping

Prepare yourself for the treatment by prepping your skin. Firstly, free your body from any kind of makeup, oils, and creams if applied. This helps to minimize all the side effects to make the process more efficient.

Following instructions

Adjust yourself according to the instructions given in the manual provided by the manufacturer. Make sure you adjust yourself in such a way that the targeted area is in the right position and the fat-cutting technique is uniform and properly done.

Modify settings

There is a vast variety of slimming machines all over the world, all you need to do is select the machine according to your body type and follow the given instructions for example there are 2 basic machines.

Comfort and well-being

Stay easy to talk, about how you feel throughout the session with your health professional, if you face any kind of discomfort. If you are doing it alone, you can turn on some light music that can stimulate your nerves, be easy, and go on with the procedure.


  • ARMS: massage your arms from wrist to armpit in a drooping position.
  • ABDOMEN: massage in anticlockwise directions in a circling motion.
  • HIPS: massage from the Centre of the hips to the waist in a circling motion.
  • LEGS: massage from the lower leg to the thigh in a circling motion.
  • THIGHS: massage from inner to outside for effective results.

Post-treatment care

These post-treatment help you keep your body uniform, and nurture right after slimming treatments. Some common treatments include;  body hydration, minimal exposure to the sun, and diets; such as regular intakes, and body care.

Safety measures

  • Do not use the machine if you find that the adapter is hot.
  • Keep it away from water, and moisturizing place.
  • Pregnant, cardiac patients and any chronic patient cannot use this device.
  • Keep away from children.


Losing weight has always been a difficult task, following various crash diets, making yourself suffer, and compromising your health. These will only lead to more difficulties and sickness. Nowadays people are becoming aware that slimming machines are more reliable and handy. It can be more efficient when incorporated into a comprehensive diet plan. But before you go into this treatment consultation is preferred to ensure safety.


Q1. What are the side effects of using Slimming Machines?

Some health-related problems include vomiting, diarrhea, headache, tiredness, and stomach area pain. Therefore, one must consult his health professional to overcome these side effects on the body.

Q2. How to lose weight when you have less time?

The one convenient way in such cases is healthy dieting. In addition, reliance on slimming machines also can be beneficial to lose fat in time-constrained conditions.

Q3. Will I gain my weight back after some time of the treatment?

Well, it depends on your actual situation. For example, if you keep a healthy diet, and follow instructions from your dietist or health professional, the chances are minimal to gain a body weight after getting some kind of treatment.

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